Dr. Janke's Philosophy - Continuous Pursuit of Clinical Excellence

Throughout Dr. Janke's professional career, he's had a burning desire to understand how to treat movement disorders that typically result in neck or back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain or arthritic pain. He remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge care by staying up-to-date with the latest clinical knowledge and hands-on treatment techniques.

Dr. Janke first obtained a degree in physical therapy. He then realized that the knowledge of a physical therapist, while substantial, did not include the necessary skills, techniques, and holistic approach found in the world of chiropractic care. Therefore, he obtained his degree in chiropractic medicine. As such, patients could see him directly without a physician referral.

Next, Dr. Janke took his professional physical therapy training to the highest level by obtaining his transitional doctor of physical therapy degree. The focus of this education is evidence-based medicine; in other words, providing treatment based on the latest and most effective clinical research.

It's been a natural progression for Dr. Janke who is now pursuing his Ph. D. in physical therapy clinical research.

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