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High-level Research Concludes Seeing a Physical Therapist is Best for Treatment Whiplash

When it comes to making educated decisions about the most appropriate treatment for whiplash, there are volumes of clinical research. But, when you look a little closer, and examine the quality of the research, one can make a better judgment as to where to start when it comes to choosing a health care provider.

There are numerous practitioners that claim to be able to care for whiplash patients. However, a 2010 systematic review (the highest quality research available) concluded that when it comes to whiplash treatment, the evidence supports the use of hands-on manual therapy and exercise for both pain reduction and functional improvement.1

New research is clear-manual therapy and exercise should be your first choice.

Dr. Janke has a doctoral-level education as a physical therapist and chiropractor. As a doctor of physical therapy, he is well-trained at providing both exercise and manual therapy treatment for whiplash patients. His chiropractic training included several hundred hours of manipulative hands-on care.

Get the best of both physical therapy and chiropractic at Skaneateles Sport and Spine.

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1. Miller J, Gross A, et. al. Manual therapy and exercise for neck pain: a systematic review. Man Ther. 2010 Aug;15(4):334-54

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